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Factor 21 plc
Factoring for the 21st Century

We understand growing businesses...

If you are thinking about factoring or are looking to change to a more progressive provider, we would be delighted to discuss the advantages or arrange a free, no-obligation meeting. When considering invoice finance it is important to understand how your business will benefit from freeing up the cash from outstanding invoices and also the cost implications. We work heavily with a large selection of independent professionals and would be happy to assist you with finding someone local, alternatively you may like to visit our advice directory.

Some of the benefits of using Factor 21 plc (a privately owned factor) are:

Unlike most of our competitors, our charges are straightforward and transparent.

We levy a reasonable facility charge for each invoice and factors discount, which is equivalent to interest.

There are no extra audit, commitment or exceptional fees, such as for making payments on the day of receipt of invoices or cash, providing copy invoices and aged debt reports.

Planned, responsive, progressive; that's Factoring for the 21st Century.

We provide...

  • An unmatched, personal service
  • User-friendly process
  • Dynamic decision making
  • Dedicated, experienced client managers
  • Cash transfers as fast as any competitor and faster than most
  • Full support from our helpful, responsive staff at all levels.


Factor 21 now has offices in Central Manchester and can be contacted at:

Centurion House                                                             129 Deansgate                                                     Manchester M3 3WR

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